Welcome to Hyperian Aerospace, where we redefine the limits of speed and innovation in the aerospace industry. Our expertise extends to the design and construction of high hypersonics technologies, including the groundbreaking Mach 10 HYPERLINER passenger jet, poised to revolutionize global travel by reaching any destination on Earth within a mere 1.5 hours.

In addition to our flagship HYPERLINER, we specialize in the development of Mach 15-25 high hypersonics missiles and state-of-the-art missile defense systems. Our portfolio further boasts the Mach 10 BLACKSTAR NGAD Fighter, the HYPER Bomber, and the HYPER Space Plane, each representing the pinnacle of engineering excellence and performance.

Pioneering the future of space warfare, we proudly introduce the world's first Space Interceptor/fighter, serving the strategic needs of the US Space Force. At Hyperian Aerospace, we're dedicated to pushing the boundaries of possibility, shaping the trajectory of aerospace technology, and forging a path toward a bold new era of exploration and defense in the cosmos.


Civilian Products

Hypersonic (Mach 10) 220 passenger aircraft powered by compressed Hydrogen gas. Zero CO2 emissions!

Speed + range: Mach 10 @125,000 Ft. It can fly to anywhere on Earth within 1.5 hours. For example: NYC-London: 27 min; NYC-Dubai: 54 min; NYC-Shanghai: 57 min; NYC-Sydney: 1.3 hrs

Flight System: AI-assisted flight system/navigation/smart sensors/etc.

Weights: Empty 250,000 Lbs / Max 390,000 Lbs / Payload 140,000 Lbs

Engines: 4x Integrated Turbine Combined Cycle Engines with 4x Variable Geometry Scramjets +1x Aerospike Rocket (HA22AR-ITBCC-VGS-R)


  • ITBCC engines: 4x 50,000 Lbs

  • VGS engines: 4x 165,500 Lbs

  • Aerospike: 1x 400,000 Lbs

Fuel: 140,000gal compressed H2

Mach 10 HYPERLINER Passenger Jet

Introducing the revolutionary all-weather, AI assisted SKYLIFT VTOL family of aircraft, comprising the SKYLIFT, SKYCARGO, and SKYTACTICAL variants, set to transform the landscape of regional air travel, cargo and special operations.

The SKYLIFT VTOL family represents a significant advancement in aviation technology, offering unparalleled passenger capacity, extended range, and vertical takeoff and landing capabilities. With a capacity of up to 50 passengers and a range of 3000 miles, the SKYLIFT VTOL is poised to meet the growing demand for efficient and convenient air transportation between smaller communities and major hubs.

The SKYCARGO VTOL variant is designed for air cargo transport with a payload capacity of up to 10 tons.Completing the SKYLIFT VTOL family is the SKYTACTICAL VTOL variant, specially designed for military and tactical operations.

SKYLIFT- 50 Passengers VTOL

Military Products

7th Gen: Next Generation Air Dominance (NGAD) + Hypersonic + 3D Printed + Hydrogen Powered: 6-in-1 combat aircraft

Mach 10+ Jet Fighter equipped with Mach 15 HYPERMissiles HM1

Weapons Platform:


•(20x AIM-120) + (20x AIM-9) + (20x Mach 15 HYPERMISSILE HM1)


10x GBU-32 (1,000lbs)


2 x GAU-22 (25mm) / 2,000rds

Other Weapons (offensive & Defensive)

Directed-Energy & Cyber

Other Features:

AI-assisted flight system/navigations/smart sensors/weapons

Swarm-capable w/HYPER Fighters/Drones/Missiles, & HM1s-HM3s


Dimensions: Length 60ft / Wingspan 30ft / Height 20ft

Weights: Empty 40,000 Lbs/ Max 85,000 Lbs/ Payload 45,000 Lbs

Engines: 2x Integrated Turbine Combined Cycle Engines with 4x Variable Geometry Scramjets +1x Aerospike Rocket (HA22AR-ITBCC-VGS-R)


  • ITBCC engines: 2x 50,000 Lbs

  • VGS engines: 2x 165,500 Lbs

  • Aerospike: 1x 400,000 Lbs

Fuel: compressed H2

Mach 10 BLACKSTAR NGAD Fighter Jet

Long range strategic, or persistent tactical Mach 10 Hypersonic Bomber

Payload Capacity: 2x B-52 / 2x B-1B / 4x B-2 / 8x F-35C / 20x F-22 / 5x B-21

Speed + range: can fly to anywhere on Earth within 1.5 hours. Range is 12,000 nm

Flight System: AI-assisted flight systems/navigation/smart sensors/offensive & defensive weapons systems


Dimensions: Length 220ft / Wingspan 105ft / Height 20ft

Weights: Empty 250,000 Lbs/Max 390,000 Lbs/Payload 140,000 Lbs

Engines: 4x Integrated Turbine Combined Cycle Engines with 4x Variable Geometry Scramjets +1x Aerospike Rocket (HA22AR-ITBCC-VGS-R)


  • ITBCC engines, 4x 50,000 Lbs

  • VGS engines, 4x 165,500 Lbs

  • Aerospike, 1x 400,000 Lbs

Fuel: 140,000 gal compressed H2

Mach 10 HYPERBomber

Mach 15-Mach 25 HYPERMissiles HM1, HM2 & HM3


Offensive, hypersonic missile /Defensive, counter-hypersonic missile /Air-air (AAM) / air-surface (ASM) / surface-air (SAM) / surface-surface (SSM)


  • Fighter aircraft or larger

  • Battery launcher

  • Directly mount to planes, ground launcher, ships, armored vehicles, etc

•High-Hypersonic (Mach 15-25) missiles with dual thrust.

HM1 can be mounted on any aircraft of stationary launcher

HM1’s range is 150 nm: Kinetic energy at impact is 8000 Lbs

HM2’s range is 1000nm: Kinetic energy at impact is 40,000 Lbs

HM3’s range is 6000-12,000nm: Kinetic energy at impact is 250,000 Lbs

Rocket + Variable Geometry Scramjet

Solid rocket fuel + compressed Hydrogen

Dual navigation & targeting system. Swarm capable.


Dimensions (variable): Length ≈10ft-30ft / Wingspan ≈2ft-12ft / Height ≈ 1ft-6ft

Weights: TBD

Engines: Dual thrust, rocket + variable geometry scramjet (HA22-VGS-R)

Fuel: Gaseous H2 (scramjet)/solid fuel (rocket)

Mach 15-25 HYPERMissiles HM1-HM3